Another Day 1.3.2 APK [Mod] [Full]

Another Day 1.3.2 APK [Mod] [Full]

Another Day

Another Day

Another Day – MMOPRG about zombie apocalypse and the survival of human remains in its reality. Players will resist not only the threat to be eaten by mutants, but also the possible death at the hands of a reasonable man who wanted to get honestly collected character Lut. The participants have at their disposal huge spaces, cooperation, PvP, gathering, Kraft, construction and much more that will please any fan of the genre. There are also quite reasonable NPCs that can join the team and provide those features that will allow you to leave the shelter and leave the game without fear. This and much, much more will keep those who want to try themselves out for a long time.


Learn more about him/her!
There are many different NPCs in the game. In this ruined world, zombies are everywhere. The NPCs tried hard to survive. Do you want to know more about each NPC and invite them to join your team? Explore their stories!

A cool battle filled with strategy!
Do you want to burn the zombie? Then throw out your Molotov.
Want to take advantage of the terrain to shoot zombies from a higher location? You can collect some wood and build a ladder to realize it.
You have a wealth of resources available to reform the environment and win!

Build a shelter for yourself!
Make a shelter by yourself, you can design your own house from every single piece of brick and paint to furniture! Everyone will get a unique shelter in the destroyed world!

Various vehicles and guns!
A zombie wave is coming?! Use shotgun to defend against them!
Facing with Reformers with excellent defense ability? Shot their heads with a sniper rifle!
AIs a zombie close behind me? Let me cut it with a chainsaw!
Each player can carry 2 weapons at the same time to deal with different situations.


  • Infinite Bullets!

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The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Requirements: 4.4+

Another Day 1.3.2 APK [Mod] – (39.3 Mb)

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