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Animus – Harbinger is another cool action game from TENBIRDS in which gamers will be able to learn the prehistory of the events taking place in the main series of games. The gamers will get a new story, another character, dangerous opponents, stylization under the cult Dark Souls with gloomy surroundings of complete hopelessness, as well as fascinating gameplay. The high level of difficulty will appeal to all who love the trials and serious alterations that require full dedication, concentration, as well as nerves of steel. Try to prevent the unfortunate consequences of eliminating their harbinger, and solve a couple of very unflattering secrets of this world.

Animus - Harbinger Unpacked

Animus review

Animus – Harbinger is a quality action-rpg with excellent 3D graphics and a huge set of combat skills. The game sends us to the distant past, when there were monsters and evil on earth, capable of destroying anyone who gets in their way. We won’t just have to exterminate our enemies, but we’ll have to find a way to stop them in the future. You will be playing alone, and sharp axes, swords and heavy hammers will help you in destroying the enemies.

On your way there will be a lot of different enemies, and in most cases they are equipped with heavy and strong armor. Destroying your opponents with a single strike is simply impossible. To move around the locations you need to use the classic multi-position joystick and a set of buttons for striking and applying skills. Various tricks and other in the game more than enough, and they are opened gradually, allowing the player to get used to the new abilities.

The game looks just amazing, the locations are perfectly detailed, the monsters are unique and won’t let you relax, and fighting component can compete with the famous AAA-projects. If you’re a true fan of action RPGs, then Animus – Harbinger is definitely your choice.

What’s New:

  • Bug fixes
  • Balance adjustment

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Requirements: 8.0+

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