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AnimaShooter Capture

AnimaShooter Capture review

AnimaShooter Capture is a program for people who want to make a single shot of animated movies, please note that the software works with Canon EOS cameras. The application can work with a digital SLR camera as described above, as well as a simple webcam, allowing you to view the results and export them to several different known video formats for further processing or viewing on the player.

I don’t think it’s a secret that animated movies have been very popular recently, especially since various large-scale movies have a good budget and money collection in the aftermath. Several tools have been developed in this area, some of which have focused on the technique of single-frame animation. This program allows users to create detailed clips using the previously mentioned shooting method.

Create a project at a professional level

The software is an extended version of your younger brother, AnimaShooter Junior, which gives you more advanced features and support for powerful SLR cameras. This greatly improves the quality of the results and allows you to create a project at a professional level. Other features that distinguish it from the standard version are the RAM preview module and the Time Lapse and Rotoscope functions. As for the supported devices, the program is fully compatible with most of Canon’s powerful models, including the EOS 6D and 7D, as well as 1100D and 40D and others, the list is on the official page.

If you have nowhere to go to buy a hundred dollars, you can buy the program, on our page you can download AnimaShooter Capture free of charge the latest version, inside the archive, after downloading, you will get a key or a quack, you need it to register the program in order not to pay money, after using the “medicine”, you can start AnimaShooter Capture and enjoy all its features without any restrictions both in terms of features and time, with no problems should arise.

As soon as a suitable device is connected to the program, users can start recording motion. In addition to the resulting camera elements, you can also upload local photos or images and insert them into the animation, which greatly improves the final results. To ensure accuracy, you can use the RBG histogram, and to fine-tune the graphical objects, you can activate the mesh background. Several additional functions are supported, such as the ability to rotate frames horizontally or vertically, and the module – “Preview RAM” – is designed to provide adequate verification of users’ work before saving and publishing it. If everything suits you, you can export video in several common formats, including MPEG4, OGV, and WebM.

AnimaShooter key Features:

  • Control and management of camera settings
  • Saving the mode selected in the profile file with the .acp extension
  • Loading and saving a project file with .apf extension
  • Image rotation by 180°
  • Previewing the frame on the monitor in Life View
  • Editing and viewing the material (RAM Preview)
  • Exporting editing to video files or file sequences
  • Export of exposure sheets
  • Additional modules to correct unstable lighting in previously shot frames
  • Dual monitor mode support

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Download AnimaShooter Capture – (29.5 Mb)

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