Angry IP Scanner 3.6.2 Portable [Full]

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A simple program that does not require installation, which after launch is able to scan the ports you have selected for many machines on these networks, you can download Angry IP Scanner below.

Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner

Of course, besides the fact that it simply scans, you will receive additional information, for example, you can find out the names of users, the name of the computer and the workgroup, you can view the MAC address and so on.


  • If you are curious to find out what’s happening within your network and want to find out whether an IP is alive or dead then it’s time you should try a dedicated software like Angry IPScanner.
  • The interface is very simple and intuitive and even if you’re not an experienced user, you should still be able to work with Angry IP Scanner without encountering too many problems. Besides, the settings menu is very detailed and has lots of explanations, which makes it impressively user friendly.
  • Angry IPScanner works pretty fast, although, as we found out during our tests, in some cases it might stress the computer resources a little bit if you’re conducting long scans, on a whole IP class for example.
  • The application features a special function that will optimize the search and reduce scan times. To accomplish that, it uses separate threads for every address it scans.
  • Of course, Angry IPScanner comes with a lot of options regarding the scanning process, so you should be able to inspect a certain IP to find out whether it’s alive or not, but also to look for open ports.
  • With the help of this utility you can even access ‘Windows Shares’, FTP, Telnet or trace route for each of the selected entries on the list. Among the available details, you can view the currently logged user, workgroup it belongs to, computer name and MAC address.

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Angry IP Scanner 3.6.2 Portable – (2.7 Mb)

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