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Alfa Ebooks Manager is an easy-to-use program and helps you organize books on your hard drive, if you want to catalog a collection of books no matter what size, this software will be happy to help. In general, I liked the application, it is very easy to add a new book from both a PC and download from a web source, as far as I understand, the search is on Amazon. Each book can be edited, change the data any to your needs. Everything looks stylish, like a store with a bookshelf, there is a convenient search, there are a lot of settings for all sorts of things, look carefully at the screenshots and understand this.

Alfa eBooks Manager Professional is the ideal software solution for those users who are serious collectors of virtual books or are very active readers. This software itself is a very convenient and advanced cataloguer, capable of sorting books and making it easy to work with them.

So now, instead of keeping a large number of text files on your computer, it will be easier to install this program. After all, all books will be sorted according to special parameters, and at the same time will have their own unique cover, which looks more aesthetically pleasing than a shortcut to extensions.

Moreover, it also has its own search engine, which is designed to quickly find the right book. This tool is very versatile and useful, because it has the ability to set filters, for the fastest search for items in the system.

Advantages of the cataloguer:

  • Built-in search engine;
  • Possibility to add books directly from the virtual resource;
  • Setting filters for quick search;
  • Unlimited number of books in the library;

Download in Russian torrent version of Alfa eBooks Manager Professional can be found on the active page by clicking on the special download link.

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