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Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Advanced Uninstaller PRO review

The world-famous application called “Advanced Uninstaller” was created by developers to provide Internet users with a convenient and simple process of uninstalling unnecessary software, which in some cases is not as simple as it may seem at first sight. In addition, this software is also designed to optimize the operating system, which is also a worthy feature. Speaking about the work of the program as a whole, I would like to note its main advantage, which is that the program itself can monitor all the processes carried out on a personal computer, and thus, knowing about all the changes, it can be just an indispensable helper of removing this or that program from the computer to the fullest extent, without even mentioning it. Choose any optimizer and download it to your computer for free.


  • Ability to completely remove previously installed programs;
  • Complete monitoring of all user actions regarding the system, as well as changes that may affect the operating system registry;
  • Correction and correction of incorrect registry entries;
  • Tracking files that may be duplicates of each other;
  • Deleting files, whether a folder, document, or even a part of a program;
  • Quick Clear Site Visitor History function;
  • Removal of annoying and unnecessary toolbars, plug-ins and browser add-ons.

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