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Advanced Uninstaller Pro is a powerful free software for securely removing unneeded programs. Advanced Uninstaller Pro tracks changes that occurred during the software installation process and removes them when uninstalling, so you can get rid of installed applications once and for all.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Uninstaller PRO review

Advanced Uninstaller Pro has many additional tools, from the ability to edit autorun list and control fonts installed on your system to optimizing the system registry, adjusting browser toolbar and removing cookies.

Main features of Uninstaller:

  • Detection and removal of programs and “junk” that remains after their removal.
  • Ability to control fonts, context menu icons and other system elements.
  • Manage autorun items.
  • Deletion of traces of work on your computer (cache and browser history, viewed documents).
  • Restore or delete non-working registry entries.
  • Cleanup non-working Start menu shortcuts.
  • Remove unwanted toolbars and browser plug-ins.
  • User-friendly user interface.

It is especially useful when you can’t delete files due to platform locks, running processes or high security level. In all these cases, the utility can easily take down any software without harming your device in any way.

This application is also capable of completely dismantling installed programs, cleaning up their tails, plug-ins, and all unnecessary add-ons. Such methods of work allow you to get rid of components forever, and do not allow you to restore them in the future.

You can download this helper for free on this page by clicking on the appropriate link.

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