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Advanced SystemCare Ultimate

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate review

Updated fairly well-known program that contains a large number of utilities inside, all aimed at helping the user to optimize, as well as deep customize your Windows operating system, download Advanced SystemCare, you can of course in the full news, I think it is already known to all users of our project. In addition to the above, the program will allow you to find and fix all the existing errors in the system, and it is also possible to improve the overall level of performance, in general, the full set. It is worth noting that all the changes that you make through the program in your operating system, you can return, that is, for each action will create a backup copy, and in case you are not satisfied with something, you can return everything as it was, so to speak, which of course is very convenient and I think it is necessary for programs of this type, many of the known applications, despite the fact. The developers stated that using the functions of their product, any user will be able to scan the hard drives in search of all kinds of spyware cut, advertising products, if any, they will be quickly removed. Advanced SystemCare knows how to search for security holes in the operating system, here I do not quite understand what we are talking about, what kind of holes, but let it remain as declared. It seems that the utility will also allow you to find errors in the system registry and fix even them, you can clean the garbage files too, you can easily manage the list of automatically loaded programs.
So, let me try to highlight the main directions of the program’s work. Advanced SystemCare knows how to analyze and optimize system settings, perform a good defragmentation of hard drives, clean and optimize the system registry is also possible, the program will work in the background without interfering with the work on your computer, it will also protect you from spyware and malware, clean hard drives from all kinds of garbage, find and fix all system errors, remove all traces of being on the Internet, remove and add to autoload the necessary programs, set up an Internet connection. Advanced SystemCare has a nice user interface, “medicine for greed” – there are no problems with this and I hope not. In general, all enjoyable use of the utility, do not forget to leave your comments.

Key Features:

  • Antivirus protection. Removes deep infections and protects your computer from various threats using Bitdefender anti-virus technologies.
  • Protects web surfing. Protects you from a variety of online threats to ensure your safety while visiting websites on the Internet. Stops malicious, fraudulent and phishing online resources.
  • Protects your Homepage. Protects your home page and the default search engine in your web browser from malicious changes.
  • Anti-browser tracking. Auto-clears your privacy as soon as your browser closes. This way you will be protected from surveillance.
  • Privacy Protection. Detects and blocks attempts to access your confidential data, such as your contacts, local email data, Google sync settings, etc.
  • Protects your Digital Print. Disguised Digital Print prevents others from seeing your browsing history and search preferences in your browser.
  • Protects against Mining Cryptovalue. Malicious websites can’t use your computer to covertly mint cryptographic software, causing a system failure.
  • Performance of .
  • Active optimization. Continuously and automatically improves computer performance.
  • Performance Monitor. Monitor and quickly, and easily improve PC performance.
  • Optimization/defragmentation of disks. Intelligently organizes hard drive data and optimizes SSD media for maximum performance and data access.
  • Accelerates system performance. Fully optimizes the Windows operating system for system performance and increased Internet speed.
    Cleanup .
  • Deep registry cleaning. Prevents Windows crashes/errors to improve computer performance and stability.
  • Securely deletes files. Includes secure and slow file deletion using the DoD 5220.22-M algorithm used by the U.S. Department of Defense national standard.
  • Automatic system maintenance
  • Motorway service. Automatically care for your computer when the system is in standby mode.
  • Auto-cleaning. Automatically cleans your confidential data when you log on.
  • Auto Update. Automatically updates your system at a specified time or when updates are available.

Whats New

  • New clean and simple UI brings a more intuitive and user-friendly experience
  • Much larger Antivirus database helps remove more threats even the newest, never-before-seen threats
  • New WebGL and Audio fingerprint protections drastically enhance the protection against online tracking, bringing you anonymous online browsing
  • 10% larger database of Surfing Protection brings you a more secure and smoother browsing
  • Privacy Sweep now can clear much more privacy traces for higher privacy security
  • Junk File Clean helps you release at least 20% more disk space with the deeper and more thorough cleanup
  • Enhanced Software Updater can update 33% more outdated programs with just 1-click
  • Enhanced Startup Optimizer can optimize 30% more startup items for a much faster PC startup
  • Optimized scan algorithms for faster scan
  • Improved Performance Monitor for more accurate temperature detection
  • Fully compatible with Windows 11
  • Supports 37 localized languages
  • And more can be discovered by you

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