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Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Illustrator CC review

I am pleased to introduce you to one of the best vector graphics editors, which is developed and very successfully promoted by a very famous company Adobe Systems, whose other products you can find on our project. At the moment I suggest you to download Adobe Illustrator, you can do it as always going to the full news. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the product was originally developed as a powerful vector graphics editor, but professional designers find it useful for other purposes, especially in the form of an illustrator. The program is ideal for quick page markup, which can contain both logo and graphics. Personally, after the launch of Adobe Illustrator, I immediately liked the user interface, but this company is really able to do user-friendly products, nothing against it. You will get quick access to all useful functions, do not resort to long searches, in general I am satisfied. Adobe Illustrator has everything you need to draw, plus you will be able to control the color in a fairly advanced mode, which is why you can create vector images of any level of complexity. The program is really ideal for convenient editing and creation of various layouts for the press and outdoor advertising. If you look back in time, the product was developed in 1987 and still feels good and enjoys great popularity. From the official website you can download the version for MacOS, I think it’s no secret that ours is available only for Windows. In general, I have nothing more to write about Adobe Illustrator, it is very convenient, it can even be used by untrained users, you only need to download the textbook beforehand, then there will be no problem, and a professional will do fine and so on. To sum up, I recommend Adobe Illustrator as an excellent editor, and I hope it will help you in your work.

Key Features:

Circuit simplification
Reducing the number of anchor points is an easy and fast way to edit a complex contour.

Automatic spell-checking
All spelling errors are highlighted directly in the document when entering text.

Background saving and export
Quickly save and export files. Now you don’t have to wait and you can resume work on other tasks right away.

Support for application troubleshooting
Troubleshooting assistance is provided as soon as a problem occurs with opening or saving files.

Accelerate the application of effects
Accelerated rendering for shadow, blur, internal and external glow effects.

Built-in resources
In Illustrator, new resources are available for self-study, including various guides.

Other Improvements
The application has become more stable, efficient and convenient.

RePack 2 for Win 10:

  • In order to make it possible to install the program not only on Windows 10, the installer version has been lowered to
  • With the exception of the minimum required, the Adobe Application Manager module, which is installed by the original installer, is cut out of the installer.
  • Except for the necessary minimum, the Adobe Desktop Common module, which is installed by the original installer, is cut out of the installer.
  • The Adobe Creative Cloud module, which the original installer must install, is completely cut out of the installer.
  • The installer integrates an offline certificate into Windows 7 that confirms Adobe’s current electronic signature.
  • The installer provides a choice of installation path and interface language, as well as the ability to launch the program immediately after the installation.
  • The possibility of installing the program on Windows 8.x and Windows 10 junior versions is unlocked.
  • Updated the main Adobe Illustrator module to version
  • Added Adobe CC Library Assist Module version
  • Adobe CCX Process module is patched in a special way to prevent the end of the trial period message from being displayed on the program authorized with Adobe ID.
  • The program is already activated . The start window (start screen) is working. Libraries can be used.

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License: ShareWare

Requirements:  Win 10

Download Adobe Illustrator CC 2022 RePack – (1.8 Gb)

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Requirements:  Win 10

Download Adobe Illustrator CC 2021 RePack 2 – (1.6 Gb)

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Requirements: MacOS 10.12 or later 64-bit

Download Adobe Illustrator CC 2021 25.4.1 MacOS – (1.8 Gb)

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