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Adobe Character Animator CC

Adobe Character Animator CC review

Character Animator allows you to animate two-dimensional characters created in Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC applications. Shoot your movements and record your voice with a webcam and microphone. Character Animator tracks your facial expressions and movements in real time, and your smile is passed on to the character.

Key Features:

  • Create characters from scratch in the Illustrator or Photoshop application or use the built-in templates in the Character Animator application.
  • Turn 2D graphic objects into animated characters using your own movements and facial expressions shot on the webcam.
  • Manage the movements of puppets, adding and removing gestures, such as turning the head or automatically flashing.
  • Export interactive animation streams for translation.

New Triggers panel.
Show, hide, swap, or cycle through the different parts of your puppet with your keyboard or MIDI device. The new Triggers panel gives you one easy and intuitive way to move your characters. Toggle triggers on and off.

New Controls panel.
The new Controls panel makes easier and more visual. It displays triggers and puppet properties as buttons and sliders – you do not have to remember. It automatically generates button designs from your artwork. And it’s saved with your character and can be shared with others.

Eyebrow and eye animation improvement.
Added rotation and movement to eyebrows give you more expressive characters, from worried to angry to surprised and more. And a new snap eye gaze feature gives you more control of pupil movement.

Pose-to-pose animation.
A new pose-to-pose option smooths out the transitions between your character’s poses for a hand-animated look. Control the amount of smoothing and how long to hold each pose.

New behaviors: Physics, Layer Picker, and Fader.
Trigger a specific layer in a puppet or group with Layer Picker. Fader lets you hide or show specific parts of your puppet. New Physics behaviors include Collide, which enables your puppet to run into and bounce against environmental elements or another puppet.

Better aligned audio.
Waveform displays give you a visual method for aligning audio, and you have roundtrip support with Adobe Audition.

Better lip sync accuracy.
Mouth shapes match more accurately to corresponding sounds with the new lip-sync algorithm. Lip syncs (including edits) created in Character Animator can be copied and pasted into After Effects.

Rigging and UI enhancements.
Import clipping groups from Photoshop, edit more exactly on your timeline, and connect puppet parts with automatic stapling.

Control surface support.
Control your puppet with a MIDI device, not just your mouse and keyboard.

And so much more.
Also includes: Improved walk behavior that supports the bending of toes when walking, visemes that can be edited using keyboard shortcuts, and more.

What’s changed in RePack 2:

  • The assembly was created based on the standalone Adobe installer version, which is not available to the general public.
  • From the installer except for the bare minimum necessary cut module Adobe Desktop Common, installed by the original installer on a mandatory basis.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud module, installed by the original installer on a mandatory basis, is completely cut from the installer.
  • Installer provides a choice of installation path and interface language of the program, as well as the ability to run the program immediately after installation.
  • In the installer language selection menu the false indication of support of 6 additional languages was corrected.
  • The ability to install the program on Windows 10 minor versions has been unlocked.
  • Adobe Character Animator core module has been updated to version
  • Disabled Log Transport Application and CRLog Transport Application spy modules.
  • The program is already cured. You can use it right after installation.

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Note: Before installing RePack, you need to download Adobe Creative Cloud from the official website and create an account with a fake email.

Password for archiv:

Requirements: Win 10/11

Adobe Character Animator CC 2023 – (1.7 Gb)

UsersDrive Uploadrar

Requirements: Win 10/11

Adobe Character Animator CC 2022 22.4 – (1.4 Gb)

UsersDrive upload-4ever

Requirements: MacOS X 10.13 or later 64 bit

Adobe Character Animator CC 2021 4.4 MacOS  – (2.2 Gb)

UsersDrive upload-4ever UploadEv

Previous version

Adobe Character Animator CC 2019 2.1

Download link | Mirror

Adobe Character Animator CC 2018

Download link | Mirror

download review 2
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    Hello! This version had the new Puppet Maker and Body Tracker tools?

  3. Robs

    The Adobe Character Animator CC 2021 version uploaded here has an error 127. The software has not been repacked properly. Please do look into it.

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    mode pro dont exist just mode base

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    Did you try? your 22.5 version still in Starter mode ,not Pro mode.

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    2023 version didn’t work, its only trial…