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Get acquainted with Abelssoft StartupStar Full – a program for convenient autoload management. Read more about this program and download Abelssoft StartupStar below.

Abelssoft StartupStar

Abelssoft StartupStar review

After installing the program in its main window, you will see all programs that start with the system. And you can conveniently (if necessary) delete these records, delete and block them from future addition, disable them, or set up a delayed start, i.e. not immediately after downloading, but, for example, after a certain period of time. The latter is quite convenient: you get a quick start of the operating system and, at the same time, your necessary programs after rebooting, for example. They will still start with the OS, but not immediately, but with a delay. That is, the OS will boot quickly, and other programs will not interfere with it, and after it is fully loaded and the interface is initialized, these programs will be loaded later, in your specified time sequence and order. StartupStar Key has a special module for this, the so-called autorun firewall. It will be convenient for you to sit in the tray and warn you about all changes in the autorun by a small pop-up window, suggesting to prohibit or allow this or that program or record. This is quite convenient, especially if you are not yet a very confident computer user.

There is also a backup center in the program, with the help of which you can easily cancel any of your actions to prohibit the autoload programs, if the latter ceased to work. Finally, with StartupStar you can add a new program to the autoloader and set it up yourself. Here’s a nice assistant program to manage the autoloader, especially for novice users, thanks to its simplicity. Download and use, I think, at first will be useful.

Key Features:

Full control over the Startup
Enable, disable or delete programs in the Startup.

Keep full control
You can see quick and efficient overview of all startup entries in the main screen and you can enable, disable, or delete them.

StartupStar helps creating new entries
StartupStar limits the selection of the new entry location according to certain criteria.

Take control of your applications
Did you know that an average PC has more than 20 different applications that are launched automatically when you start your PC? A lot of those startup entires are unnecessary and they usually slow down your PCs starting time.

Keep full control
You can see quick and efficient overview of all startup entries in the main screen and you can enable, disable, or delete them. With the built-in search function you can easily find applications.

Autostart firewall
StartupStar protects you against applications that want to add themselves into the startup of your PC. This new feature will alert you whenever a programm tries to add a new entry into your PC startup. This firewall mode of StartupStar helps you to keep your PC start clean and fast.

High security through backups
If you accidentally delete an entry, you can easily restore it using the backup – StartupStar logs every change.

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Download Abelssoft StartupStar 2023 15.01.47392 – (5.4 Mb)

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