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Abelssoft AntiRansomware is a reliable protection against ransomware and various types of Trojans that are designed to steal your confidential data. Today, this is a very common type of cyber-fraud, which affects both private users and entire companies and organizations.

Abelssoft AntiRansomware

Abelssoft AntiRansomware review

The essence of a virtual scam is to launch malware and viruses into your system under any pretext, hidden in the most sophisticated ways. Once in the system, these attackers infiltrate personal data (documents, videos, photos, audio recordings) and encrypt them, making them inaccessible for viewing or playing. Then it’s simple – you have to pay the cybercriminals a certain amount of money to get a decryptor – a special key designed exclusively for the type of encryption that is applied to your files.

To secure the personal data stored on your PC, download and install the “securitization” program – Abelssoft AntiRansomware. It will not overload the system and interfere with your work with popups and sound alerts. In the background, it will monitor the security of your device and monitor your favorite folders for suspicious changes. As soon as the utility notices tampering attempts, it will immediately react and send you an alert email.

During the development and testing of the software, an extensive analysis of all possible ransomware spyware was conducted, which resulted in the program being given persistent immunity and keen intuition for such malicious programs. To download Abelssoft AntiRansomware for free from our website, click the link with the arrow pointing down. The application is suitable for computers with Windows OS version seven and younger.

Key Features:

Background protection
The program continuously scans for suspicious changes in the system.

Easy customization
Ransomware Trojans mainly encrypt the user’s personal files, at this point AntiRansomware automatically monitors four user folders where your photos, documents, videos, etc. are located. In addition, you can choose other folders to be respected, in case you store your images, etc. in other places.

Clever algorithms.
To detect ransomware Trojans, you need to know sophisticated algorithms. Our security experts have analyzed 83 different types of ransomware Trojans in depth in our computer research labs. Thus the program is ready against all the latest threats.

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Download Abelssoft AntiRansomware 2023 23.01.47269 – (4.7 Mb)

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