A Better Finder Attributes 6.22 MacOS [Full review]

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A Better Finder Attributes 6.22 MacOS [Full review]

A Better Finder Attributes

A Better Finder Attributes

A BetterFinder Attributes is a powerful and useful utility for changing file attributes. A Better Finder Attributes allows you to change the date of creation of a photo or the date of last modification of a file.
It allows you to manipulate information about the date and time to create/edit JPEG, CR2, NEF, ARF CRW and CIFF EXIF files, setting the right time or deleting it altogether.

In addition, A BetterFinder Attributes can synchronize the modification date of a photo with the date it was taken. JPEG EXIF is supported as well as all kinds of RAW files.


  • Batch operation
  • Drag and drop into the file list or onto the application icon.
  • Select the files in the Finder and activate A Better Finder Attributes 5 via the Finder context menu or using the hotkey.
  • Automatically handles file date consistency rules
  • Separate processing of files and folders, batch processing of subfolders
  • In addition, A BetterFinder Attributes¬† gives you control:
  • Whether file extensions are displayed in the Finder
  • Batch locking or unlocking of files
  • Setting or removing obsolete creators and type codes
  • invisible file deletion
  • Viewing invisible files in Finder
  • Batch setting of Finder tags
  • forcing Finder to update information about files and folders

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Requirements: OS X 10.7 or later 64-bit

A Better Finder Attributes 6.22 MacOS – (9.5 Mb)

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